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Fisher X-101D

Technical specifications

  • Push-Pull Integrated Amplifier
  • Power output : aprox. 30 watts
  • Class: A
  • Power tubes: Sylvania 7591 pentodes(x4)
  • Preamp tubes : ECC 83 Double triode (x6)
  • Year: Aprox. 1966

In the begining of 1999 I bougth my new Fisher amplifier, the X-101D. It's very similar to the X-100B, but it uses the 7591 pentodes instead of the 7868 pentodes. The condition of the amp is aesthetically very bad. It was used in a disco and.. well you know... smoke, some alcoholic fluids poured on it, etc. Electronically speaking it is ok. This is a long time restoring operation.

The main problem of this amp are power tubes. 7591 are very expensive because offer is very limited and demand is very high (a basic rule in market economy). But ... I got, some months ago, four Sylvania 7591 in perfect condition for 8.000 pta (150 pta. = $ 1). I'm lucky, I know. Sometimes these things happens.

September 1999-I have just bougth a Dynaco ST-70. This is now my main objetive for restoration. So the Fisher will wait.

July 20th, 2000-The worst audio week in my life. But..after the dead of an output transformer of my Fisher X-100B unit, we started with the upgradings in the Fisher X-101D. It is not the one a bougth on july, 1999. Do you know why. Because one of the output transformers was also dead! So I biugth anothe one and we proceed with a fully restoration. Upgrades made are: changed capacitors with Orange Drop, changed some axial electrolytics with Ruby Gold, general inspection of circuitry and change of electronic parts out of value. We have matched the pre-amp section tubes according their gain (I did this, following instructions of Jorge Bueno from Amptek). This man knows out to do it. It's really amazing. This summer I will spent my time with this amplifier and if it sound as good as the X-100B it will be great. After the summer some pictures and more comments.

September 12, 2000-This summer has been less audiophile than expected, but enough to talk about the Fisher X-101D. I have listened to this amplifier and I can say that the sound is as good as the sound from the X-100B. Perhaps it is due to a asimilar electrical circuit and also to the fact that the output tubes are electrically identical. Another very good Fisher amplifier to enjoy. Now, some pictures of my X-101D.



  • External and internal aspect of the X-101.



  • Internal aspect and detail of 7591A tubes.



  • Detail of the electrical circuit.
  • Ernest Ruiz

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