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Scott 299A Type 2

Technical specifications

  • Push-Pull Integrated Amplifier
  • Power output: 17 watts
  • Power tubes: Ruby Tubes EL84 Pentodes (x4)
  • Preamp tubes: Ruby Tubes 5751 USA Double triode (x4)
  • Phase inverters: Haltron ECF80/6BL8 triode-pentode (x2)
  • Rectifier: Siemens GZ34
  • Year: 1958-1960

I have bougth this amplifier in an Ebay auction. It has been my first "all internet" purchase. Buyed at Ebay and payed at Bidpay. The only thing missing in that internet chain has been the method of transportation. It has come via traditional air mail. We have to improve our quantic knowledge to make possible quantic transportation ("a la Star Trek"). Anyway... the 299 is in perfect condition, only a small dent in the faceplate. This amplifier is the 299A Type 2. The differences between standard 299A and 299A Type 2 are improvement in Type 2 output transformers (larger) and tube (also output transformers) layout. After this model there more upgradings to the 299 amplifier. The next model is the 299B usign 6UA8 phase inverters and a new faceplate. The last two models are 299C and 299D. The 299C model was upgraded with new output transfomers, new output tubes (from EL84 to 7591), headphones jack and volume control for the center channel. On the 299D model changes are mainly aesthetical. Power output from both units is 36 watts

If you need more information about H.H Scott amplifier you should visit Vintage H.H.Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive. There you will find everything about Scott classic audio products. Another good resource is Vacuum Tubre Valley magazine. There's an article about Scott 299 amps in issue number 12, including schematics and useful recommendations.

August 21st, 2000- My first audition of the Scott has been very good. Now I can understand Sheldon Stokes or Vacuum Tube Valley when they refer to the EL84 as a baby with bite. The sound that this tube produces is excelent. This amazing sound is not only due to the valve itself, but also to the whole amplifier (it is well known). With only 20 watts (I think that even less) the sound filled the audition room without problems. I can compare this EL84 based amplifier with my Vieta A217 that also uses this tube. The Scott has more bass than the Vieta. Treble is a little bit brigth (too much for my taste) but I think that this is due to the tubes (chinese and iuguslovian). Also because the amp hasn't been adjusted yet. So, now is time to check all components, change everything out of tolerance and adjust everything.

September 14, 2000-Yesterday evening I went to Amptek where Jorge Bueno has been working in the upgrade some electronic parts of the Scott. We have followed the instructions given at Vintage H.H.Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive. We have changed all the signal capacitors, the selenium rectifier and all the parts out of tolerance.Jorge told me that the build quality of the Scott is really impresive. Excelent components were used in all the circuit. Jorge thinks that the Scottt built quality is better than Fisher. Retubing has also been done: Ruby Tubes 5751 USA in preamplifier section, Ruby Tubes EL84 as power tubes, Haltron ECF80 as paraphase inverters and Siemens GZ34 for rectifying. The amplifier is ready for week-end listening tests. And for the photographic session. Keep tuned.

September 18th, 2000-Here are the pictures of the Scott 299. As you can see it is in excelent condition. And it is 40 years old!.



  • External and internal aspect of the Scott 299.



  • Back of the Scott 299 and detail of EL84, ECF80 and 5751 tubes (from left to rigth).



  • Detail of the electrical circuit.
  • Ernest Ruiz

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